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Emu Oil: Better than Mother’s Kisses…

For the Aborigines of Australia, the emu has provided food, clothing and spiritual sustenance for hundreds of years. On the Wild Rose Emu Ranch, founders Joe and Clover Quinn are just as enamored of these captivating flightless birds, and they are proud to extend their line of emu products (100% emu oil, skin care, meats, eggs and decorative) to you.

Wild Rose Emu Ranch - Home of 100% Pure Emu OilAt Wild Rose Emu Ranch, we are home to approximately 120 emus.  Located in Hamilton, Montana, which is nestled in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley, Clover and Joe (and the emus) enjoy the Big Sky and majestic view of the Bitterroot Mountain range. We take the utmost pride  in the quality of our products. From our 100% pure emu oil and skin care products to our emu eggs, steaks, fillets and ground meat, we maintain the highest quality and only sell products that we can personally recommend. Emus have taken ranching and agriculture to a new level. The emu is 95% usable, providing healthy red emu meat as well as a remarkable emu oil for skin and internal uses; a strong, supple leather; silky and bristly feathers; and 5 ½ inch dark green eggs.

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Emu ranching in Montana