Update from Wild Rose Emu Ranch

We have exciting news!!!  We have finally launched our new website (https://www.wildroseemuranch.com). You can continue to access it through the http://www.wildroseemu.com URL if you would like.  We’ll handle the forwarding to the new address.  We have tried to keep the look and feel the same, while overhauling the platform the main site and store run on.  As part of this upgrade, we have had to implement a new store system and as such, you will need to create/reset your password.  This can be done here:


The upgrade process has been in the works for a little over two months now and we are happy with the integration and seamless transition we’ve had to date.  Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues or concerns over the transition to the new site.  Keeping your security in mind, we have made sure to remove all sensitive and personal information during the transfer process.  We hope you are having a wonderful spring and look for your feedback on the new site.  We will continue making subtle changes to the site over the coming months so check our website often, stay tuned to our emails, or join us on facebook.


-Clover Quinn

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