Neuropathy Testimonial – Emu Oil


I have had neuropathy of both feet and lower legs since 1992. I would take 4-6 pills each day to stop the burning and spasms of my feet. I started using the pure Emu oil on my feet in December 2012. I would rub the oil into my feet in the morning and before bed. As the weeks went by I realized that I was only taking my pills 1 or 2 times each day. If I do develop any burning or spasms, I just rub the oil on the area and within 5 minutes the symptoms have subsided. It is truly an amazing product that I will not be without.

~Ellen B.

100% Pure Emu Oil Testmonial – Robin C.


I just ordered this 4-oz bottle.  I already have used up the 2-oz bottle.  I had a kiteboarding accident last Christmas day where I almost entirely ripped off my right foot.  I still have my foot; I also have a cadaver skin graft that saved my foot.  I read about the emu oil and decided it was exactly what I could use, with the anti-inflammatory properties.  Obviously my joint was injured.  I love the emu oil; I went to see my Doctor today after 5 weeks and he says my scars look GREAT!  I just wanted to thank you and pass on the good news.  It really is making a difference.

~Robin C